24hr Dinghy Race
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2018 Amendments

Amendments to SI's, NoR's., race calendar and such affecting racing matters will be published here

Amendment No 8, dated 18th October

Spring Series SP4, the race scheduled for Sunday the 31st of March is postponed in the light of the annual diner and prizegiving the night before at 30 James Street . The race will be rescheduled as part of the next update of the race schedule

Amendment 2018 #6 reschedule of Summer 5

Summer 5 has been rescheduled to be held on the 15th of July after the Summer 2 race already shceduled for that day.

Amendment 2018 #5 Admirals Cup

The Admirals cup race, a challenge race between LYC & Royal Mersey YC has been postoned. Although we will try and find an alternative date it is unlikely given the current schedule.

Amendment #04, dated 16th June 2018

The Commodore, Vice Commdore and Race Catptain have resolved to postpone SU 5 which was scheduled for thr 5th of August.This has been done to support the Family Weekend at Piel Island being organised, in the absence of a Crusing Captain, by Lin Farrell the Rear Commodore

We hope that all members will support this event whether they choose to go to Piel Island by boat from Liverpool, or get there on 2, 4 or more wheels.

Amendment #3, LBC 2 28th April

The sailing committee has changed the start tme for the LBC 2 race on the 28th April to 11:00 BST

Amendment 01

Changes to the published schedule to 11th March 2018

Amendment 2, dated 05 March

LB1: 11th march. The club has decided to postpone the race scheduled for 11th March. Various members and club officers have raised concrns over the timing of this race. The tipping point has been the lock fault on Sunday's race. Although we hope its unikely to reoccur there is insufficient time for the lock to call the engineer and succesfully lock in or out.

As a consequence the race is postponed. it is unliklely to be be rescheduled

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