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Main Information

2020 Race information

Details of racing and notices will be posted here. Additional information may be posted in other sections for standalone items such as the Isle of Man midnight race.

2020 Notice of Race

Please note separate NoR's may be published for specific races. This general NoR applies to standard series races held by the club on the river.

Additional changes to the race schedule

With the dissolution of the Alliance we have made some changes to the racing.

2020 race Calendar

Please note the race officer dutry for BM1 and BM5 have been changed from the precvious boat.BM1 is nopw allocated to Finally, BM5 to Aurora/Legless

A ICS/ICAL file, which will copy these events into your email or electronic diary is also available. However we cannot publish this directly here. Please send an email to and request a copy

2020 Race schedule by series


2020 race schedule by date


Full tide tables, month by month

Please note DO NOT RELY on this data for transiting the lock. It is derived data provided in good faith for guidance ONLY. It MUST not be relied on for navigation purposes.
For lock times in particular please refer to the marina for official time

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