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Calendar Competition


Racing and Cruising

Bluepoint Marine Services


Liverpool Power Boats

In and around the Marina and Social

Liverpool Marina

Tranmere and Other

Jeff Nelson

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Gaynor Portlock -

Liverpool Yacht Club and Tranmere Sailing Club are proud to announce the running of a Calendar Competition

The categories for the competition are:-

  • Racing
  • Cruising
  • Dinghies
  • In and around the Marina
  • Tranmere
  • Social
  • Other (This can be a picture caption picture, pictures of parts of a boat, or something else related to either sailing or the club)

We already have sponsors on board for Dinghies, In and around the Marina, Sailing and Other but we hope to get more sponsors over the coming months.

The rules of the competition are:-

  • The pictures must be taken by a member of the two clubs
  • The pictures must be taken in 2017.
  • The pictures must be at least 960px x 640px or 640px x 960px
  • The final entry date for pictures is 31st October
  • Members of the two clubs may send in multiple pictures
  • By sending in a picture, you are agreeing that the club may use your picture for club purposes. Theses purposes are:-
    • Inclusion in the web site as part of a story, or picture gallery
    • Inclusion in presentations - Initially these presentations are to be at events such as the Annual dinner dance.
    • Inclusion in the club magazine "Grapevine"
    • Inclusion in the calendar(copy write will however remain with you)
    • External advertising of the club - In this case additional permission for using your picture will be sought.


Each category will be judged on its own merit. A variety of judges will be used so members will be able to receive more than one prize. However, only one picture from a member will be used in a particular category. In the cases, where a member is to be a judge of a particular category, then that member is to be excluded as a contributor to that category.

The judging Process

  • Phase One - One picture selection. If a member has sent in multiple pictures, then one picture will be selected to represent that person in each category. Pictures that are great, but are the second entry from a particular person, will be awarded Highly Commended. A Highly Commended picture can still be put into the calendar.
  • Phase Two - The final judge. Three pictures will be selected from each category for 1st, 2nd and 3rd


  • Racing - Phase Two judge is to be Bluepoint marine, who will be supplying the prizes
  • Dinghies - Phase Two judge is to be Liverpool Power Boats, who will be giving away three vouchers to be used at Liverpool Power Boats
  • In and around the Marina - Phase Two judge is to be Liverpool Marina, who will be giving away three vouchers to be used at Liverpool Marina
  • Other - Phase Two judge is to be Jeff Nelson, who will be giving away three watercolours which are pained by Jeff

Please send your pictures to:-

Gaynor Portlock -

Your Email Address