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Committee members wanted

nominatioin form
nominatioin form

Your club needs you. Its nearly time for the clubs AGM, which will be held on the 17th of February at the marina. That means the members need to elect members to act on their behalf in the management of our club. To help the club thrive we all need to consider what we need or can do do to promote the club and its activities.

So does anyone have some time to spend to help the club and fellow members. It need not be an onerous amount if you are prepared to represent members on the management coimmittee, around 2..3 hours a month. Other roles can require more time. if in doubt talk to one fot hje exiszitng club officers / committee members.

What we need are new people with freesh ideas, a fresh outlook, people to bring some new thinking to existign acitivities, and new ideas. People who want to put something back into the club

Members clubs such as ours live or die by how well they meet members requirements. So instead of being on the periphery of the club feeling sidelined or worse feeling neglected have you got it in you to become actively involved in the club, making it a better place for you and a better place for other members?

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