Sailing by Karen Hale
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Cruise to Piel Island

On 4th August House organised a summer cruise to Piel Island.

It was an early morning lockout for the sailors to Piel Island, between 5:00 and 6:00am. Piel Island is approximately 48nm from Liverpool so the yachts and their crew arrived in the early evening, where they either picked up a mooring buoy or anchored around the island. LYC had taken the rib so that the crews could be collected from their boats and brought to the Island on their arrival.

The BBQ was served from 19:00 on the Saturday evening, with the drinks being provided by The Ship Inn which continued to serve us for as long as needed.

For Tom Bell “We had a fantastic time.” while for John Malone “Once more a great we’ll organised Piel Island trip , thanks to all that made it great.”

For Linda, “It was fantastic! I’m not sure if we could have asked for more! great weather, good food, exceptional company, entertainment provided by the paramotors who landed just a couple of meters from Paul's tent followed by an evening of karaoke, shooting stars and views of the milky way.” The weekend was such a success that we are combining a race on 27th July 2019 with the next Piel Island Cruise.

Special thank you to Penno Ri for all her help with the BBQ and all the prep that went into it. Paul Pratt for providing, launching (getting a little wet in the process) and supporting everyone with the rib and Ben Jacobs for the early morning shuttle taking people back to their boats.

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