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Dinghies Move to Crosby

Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre
Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre

Liverpool Yacht club Dinghy Section has moved to Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre. This move will benefit the Yacht Club in several different ways.

  1. Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre is a registered Centre, that is willing to work with the club. This means that Liverpool Yacht club will be able to offer courses like Dinghy Level 1 and 2 as well as power boat courses. The training provided by Liverpool Yacht club members will be charged at a nominal fee and will mainly cover fuel costs etc. The training books and the certification will be provided by Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre at standard rates. For example, it will cost approximately £30 for a power boat assessment
  2. The lake at Crosby is much larger than the water at the Quayside, so will give club members a longer sail on a particular heading before having to tack or gybe
  3. The facilities at Lakeside Adventure Centre are much better, with cleaner changing facilities, two classrooms which can be used to teach club members theory etc. A great cafe and Bistro
  4. We now have the ability to sail all year round, although Dinghies will still remain a late spring, summer and early autumn sport due to the water temperatures
  5. The wind is more consistent, as there was a lot of wind shadows at the Quay
  6. The side of the lake plus the two piers, means that you will have an easy launch regardless of the wind direction
  7. Reduced operational costs
  8. Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre is part of the RYA Active Marina scheme and they take this responsibility very seriously which is why they are offering to do the assessment on the Power Boat Courses that the club wants to run.


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