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General Sailing

A summary of the pages in this section is given below

Rock Channel

Some senior members of the club have put together an information booklet with advice regarding how to navigate the Rock Channel. This booklet is for advice only and The Club and its authors take no (More info)

Racing Area

Racing Area The map below shows the usual area of the rier Mersey used for races.The race officer will set a course between the marks show depending on the wind strength and direction and the (More info)

Queens Channel Tactics

These notes attached may be of interest to those who are not familiar with navigating the Queen's Channel. They are not formal navigation information and cannot replace use of proper navigational (More info)

Navigation: Mersey to Fidlers Ferry

These notes have been prepared by Jeanette and Dave Hardy who have taken their yacht to Fidlers Ferry on several occasions. It is possible to navigate a yacht up as far as this on certain spring (More info)

Notice to Mariners

Please find below copies of the documents sent to Liverpool Yacht Club via Peal Ports concering the Port of Liverpool On the right are the port charges from 1st April 2017 Please note:- We (More info)
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