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LBC, the Liverpool bay Championship

What has happened to the long series?
This year we have decided to try and change things around with what was the long series. In the light of skipper and crew discussions last year we have moved the long series races to Saturdays (with the exception of the Isle of Man midnight race which remains on Friday the 8th of June

Part of the reason was that this gives crews an extra day to recover before returning to work.

We lost various days last year due to too little or too much wind so the Sailing Committee has revised its approach to this series. If the forecast is steady enough a LBC race will go out on the falling morning tide and return on the rising second tide. If it’s ideal conditions then the race will extend out into Liverpool Bay. At the discretion of the race officer they may elect to hold a low water series style event at Wallasey, or if its strong winds advance the start time and do a usual river race over a single HW period.

Our aspiration is to go further afield, whether that be Piel Island or Llandudno or the possibility of a windward leeward practise day over a weekend.

LBC 4 Piel Island race

The sailing Committee intends to hold a race from Liverpool to Piel Isalnd over the Spring Bank Holiday. the race will leave Liverpool Saturday morning, with the expectation that all yachts will have arrived at Piel Island before sundown. The race will be around 50Nm.

The Sailing committee would like to encourage other member's boats to join the race fleet at Piel Island overnight Saturday. Members should make their own plans to return to Liverpool. Any boats intending going to Piel Island should consider how they get to and from shore. There is no marina berthing, you may need to make use of a tender. A limited number of moorings are believed to laid in anchorage.

LBC 3, Sailing Instructions

LBC03 will be held on Saturday 12th of May
This will take a similar form to the previous race, LBC 2

LBC 2, Sailing Instructions


The LYC offshore race will be held on the 28th of April. Depending on weather conditions it may be delayed to Sunday the 29th April.

The sailing committee has decided to award the Carpenter trophy to the first place (on corrected time) in Venture. Other prizes will be awarded to IRC classes.

Please note it is the express design of the Sailing Committee that the SI's shall be fairly vague as this gives the club the flexibility to attempt to get some form of racing completed on the weekend of the 28th & 29th April

Please note the 9th is a 'reserve' day, IE we do not plan on racing over both days. We intend to race on the 28th but that may change in the light of the actual weather


Schedule of marks used for long races

Schedule of marks used for long distance races

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