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LYC Cruising Awards

Recently I was asked by a new member what the crusing awards were.

Well the easy answer is they are to recognise members of the club getting out on the water and going sailing.
As a club we want to promote sailing, not just racing, not just dinghy's but sailing. We wish to encourage members to get ot on the water and one way of acheiving that is to encourage members to write about their (cruising) adventures in the hope and expectation that other members reading of those adventures will be encouraged to make their own adventure.

The attached PDF document outlines what the awards are and what the club requests to enter. At its simplest the club requests you send a 'log' including words, some photos of what made your trip memorable. A purely naviation log recording hourly postion, speed, heading and so on, however worthy does not make an interesting log. It can be the basis of your trip but we are looking for more substance.

The closing date for entries is the end of the calendar year, so that these awards can be made at the clubs annual prize giving in March the follwoing year.

What makes an interesting log?
What we are looking for is the spirit of cruising. goiing somewhere, doing somethings, what you visited, what you did, what went right, what went wrong. Basically relive your crusing adventure by committing it to paper, and allow others to particpate vicariously, and who knows encourage others to fulfill their sailing dreams.

So whats stopping you, go sailing, then when you get home get typing.....

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