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Main Information

LYC Regatta Series, 2018

The Management & Sailing Committe's have expressed a desire to make more of the Kindred Clubs relationships. As such the Sailing Committee decided to create a series covering this years regattas.
The Series will comprise:-
Royal Mersey YC regatta 2nd June
Liverpool YC Regatta 3rd of June
West Cheshire SC 23rd of June
Wallasey YC 24th June

Details of each regatta will be published below as the organising clubs relesae informaton.
To enter the Regatta Series LYC entrants shall pay £5 to LYC in addition to the host club's regatta requirements. Note the series entry fee for the LYC Regatta on the 3rd of June is included inthe LYC Regatta Entry.

We hope to see you on the start line

Royal Mersey YC regatta

RMYC have published their reagtta program, details as below

SI's available onthe royal Mersey Website.

This race will count towards the LYC regatta series, assuming you pay the LYC regatta series fee

Come and suport our kindred clubs regatta

LYC Regatta Sailing Instructions & entry form

SI's and entry form the LYC regatta scheduled for Sunday 3rd of June

Please note this race forms part of the Regatta Series, somethinn we are trialling this year to encourage sailing on the river and support our felow kindred clubs.

West Cheshire SC regatta

West Cheshire SC have published details of the regatta.
the entry form can be downloaded from here:-

The SI's are included below, but can be found here:-

LYC will organise an unspecified number of races either side of the WCSC regatta race taking the form of a low water series. All races (including the WCSC regtaa race) will count to the LYC regatta Series. The overall socre on the day will be treated as the points socre towards the LYC regatta series. LYC memebrs wishing to enter teh LYC Regatta Series MUST pay a £5 entry fee. Safety Sheets MUST be completed.

Wallasey YC regatta

Wallasey YC have published details of their reagtta.

details are here:-
Entry form is here:-

This race will count towards the LYC regatta series, assuming you pay the LYC regatta series fee

We (LYC) will be arranging a low water series format around this event, all races to count. Overall series score will count to the LYC regatta series

Come and support our kindred clubs regatta

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