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Push the Boat Out 2017

RYA Push the Boat Out
RYA Push the Boat Out

The Dinghy section of LYC/TSC joined forces with other clubs at Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre for the RYA Push the boat out on Satuday 13th May

The RYA Push the Boat Out is all about getting out on the water and discovering sailing and other water sports. At Crosby the adventure centre plus four of the resident clubs came together to offer members of the public a wide range of water sports for Free.

  • Liverpool Sailing Club - Provided sailing opportunities on Toppers and a Bahia. The dingy captain Steve Peers gave one Mum and daughter an unforgettable experience, while other members of the club tried canoeing, paddle boarding and swimming as well as sailing.
  • Adventure Centre - The adventure centre provided a paddle board session as well as windsurfing equipment and a big lugger which proved popular with families and large groups
  • Crosby Scout and Guide Marina Club - Provided canoeing sessions throughout the day. They also had a cake stall to help raise money for the club
  • Crosby Station Sea Cadets - The sea cadets offered canoeing sessions for children.
  • Crosby Sailing Club - Provided a variety of dinghies as well as help and assistance for anyone who needed it.

In addition to the four clubs the RNLI – Port of Liverpool club attended the event to raise money for the May Day appeal.

Overall the event was well attended and a lot of fun. Next year Crosby Adventure Centre hope the event is even bigger with the addition of dragon boats.

Quotes from the day

“It was great to all go out on the water as a family. My kids will be coming back” re Adventure Centre

“It is a great club, that offers the kids some fantastic opportunities” re Crosby Scout and Guide Marina Club

“This is fun!” re Crosby Station Sea Cadets

“The club provides a fun, social activity which is for all ages” Gina Kervin – Crosby Sailing Club

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22 pictures in gallery

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