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Crewing and Sailing Opportunities at LYC/TSC

Ships Rafting
Ships Rafting
Are you interested in crewing on Racing and Cruising yachts?
If you are new to sailing and want to find out what it is all about, crewing is a great way of getting involved. There are active cruising and racing fleets catering for all levels of experience.
For an introduction to racing, why not try racing in our Venture Class, which usually races on a Saturday. For the more experienced sailor, racing in our IRC classes may be more up your street. Many of our racing boats regularly compete at top regattas such as Cork and Dun Laoghaire, and can be found racing most weekends on the River Mersey.
Maybe you are looking to increase your sea miles. Many of our cruising boats are on the look out for crew for longer journeys.
For more information regarding cruising or racing in the Venture Class, contact our Cruising Captain, Jeff Nelson.
For more information about racing in the IRC classes, contact our racing captain, Paul Hampson.
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