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Main Information
Sailing Events (GMT)

Saturday 28th December 2019
10:20 Tinsel Star - Tinsel
IRC + Venture

Sunday 12th January 2020
10:05 Brass Monkey - BM1
IRC + Venture

Sunday 26th January 2020
10:10 Brass Monkey - BM2
IRC + Venture

Sunday 9th February 2020
09:00 Brass Monkey - BM3
IRC + Venture

Sunday 23rd February 2020
09:15 Brass Monkey - BM4
IRC + Venture

Sailing News

Monday 27th May 2019
Other races/events
Details of other events usually organised by other clubs will be published here. This will (More info)

Saturday 20th April 2019
Easter Bunny 2019
The Easter Bunny race took place on Saturday 20th April, with a glorious sunny day and light winds (More info)

Monday 11th March 2019
LBC/Long Series
The Long Series is also known as the Liverpool Bay Championship. Last year we experimented with (More info)

Saturday 26th January 2019
2019 Amendments
Details of amendments to LYC organised races. Please note any amendments to the Isle of Man (More info)

Tuesday 1st January 2019
2019 Race Information
(More info)

Get Involved

New to Sailing?

If totally new to sailing, there are various ways to get involved. The best way is to come down to Liverpool Marina on a Wednesday night from 9pm and introduce yourself. Its easy to turn do some sailing with our dinghy section or participate in our Keelboat Awareness Course. This is run twice a year and if you have never sailed on yachts before it is a great introduction and the best way of getting your “sea legs”.

For information on all our activities see our Sailing Opportunities page. There are various ways to start sailing with us. You can turn up on a Saturday to join a boat for racing in our “Venture Class“, or on a Sunday for the IRC racing. You could also start  sailing with our dinghy section, or enquire as to who is going out cruising and needs crew.

Dinghy Sailing

If you are looking for a first experience of a sailing craft or a 'taster' sail, our dinghy section is a great place to start. Please contact the dinghy captainfor more information.

Crewing and Sailing Opportunities at LYC/TSC

Are you interested in crewing on Racing and Cruising yachts?

If you are new to sailing and want to find out what it is all about, crewing is a great way of getting involved. There are active cruising and racing fleets catering for all levels of experience.

For an introduction to racing, why not try racing in our Venture Class, which usually races on a Saturday. For the more experienced sailor, racing in our IRC classes may be more up your street. Many of our racing boats regularly compete at top regattas such as Cork and Dun Laoghaire, and can be found racing most weekends on the River Mersey.

Maybe you are looking to increase your sea miles. Many of our cruising boats are on the look out for crew for longer journeys.

For more information about racing in the IRC classes, Venture racing or cruising, contact our Vice Commodore or the Commodore..

A summary of the pages in this section is given below


Most of our racing is on the River Mersey, adjacent to Liverpool Marina. Races normally last for up to four hours including locking out onto the river and in again. Other opportunities include longer (More info)


The clubs have a very active cruising section. Cruising is basically any sailing trips that do not involve racing. They also organise and take part in their own racing programme, forming the Venture (More info)

Dinghy Sailing

If you would like a first sailing experience, or enjoy small craft sailing, Liverpool Yacht Club and Tranmere Sailing Club have a dinghy section based at Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre Our craft (More info)

Racing Results

(More info)

General Sailing

(More info)
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