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Dave and Jeanette Hardy continue on with their epic journey in Free Spirit after their sail around the emerald isles in 2015.

In 2016 their adventure with a flight to Bergen in Norway. They then travelled to Norheimsund, which is on the northern coat of a long protected fjord, this was where they had left Free Spirit, snug as a bug during the winter.

After not being used for over six months, Free Spirit needed some love and attention so she received a new coat of anti-fouling along with a thorough clean, engine service etc.

Once all the preparations were complete, they set sail exploring the beautiful fjords of Norway. The went on hugging the coast of Karmoy and into Skudneshaven, where they found it full of festivity with a fair and open air evening concert in the park !

Their trip went on to include small islands such at Rott and Hidre. An 80th birthday party for Figeholms sailing club, as well as a Mid Summer days festival in Styrso Bratten. They visited cities such as Copenhagen and Oslo and had many other great adventures.

Full Report
Full Report

For even more pictures, along with Dave and Jeanette Hardy's full account of their fantastic trip then please read their full report.

Dave and Jeanette Hardy's Adventure around Scandinavia

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Map of Dave and Jeanette Hardys Adventure
Free Spirit in Norheimsund snug as a bug during winter !
Final preparations completed
Looking back to Rosendal below the mountain in centre top with its magnificent waterfall.
In the Sound passing Hagesund
The pontoons are right in the middle of the town. Across from the boat is the main square and shops
On we sailed, past Kvittsoy and into the small island of Rott
Next port of call was Kirkham
Gordon and crew were VIP’s as Flekkefjord is twinned with Burntisland
route through the Blindleia
Lingor, streets of water
The Sote canal Swing Bridge
Stern buoys
The Scandinavians celebrate Midsummer in a big way with bonfires and parties and dancing round a maypole !
Crossing the Kattegat
Of course we did the usual attractions !
Bridge across the Oresund
Fasterbo swing bridge
The south coast. This is a dramatic contrast to the mountainous scenery of Norway
Figeholms is a small but popular sailing club and we arrived as it was celebrating its 80th birthday with music, BBQ and packed out pontoons
the sailing club pontoon
The Canal leading into the heart of Stockholm
All Swedes take swimming seriously and Dave was no exception
Armadas of Yachts
Popular wild anchorages.
Glad of boats ahead to show the way thro’ the rocks
Storon. Swedish Cruising Club brygge

30 pictures in gallery

To enter our gallery click on any one of the pictures

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