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Southport 24 hour Race

Next Event:

Saturday 14th - Sunday 15th September 2019


West Lancashire Yacht Club,
Marine Drive,

More information

We are always looking for crew so do please contact the dinghy captain

This is an annual event where Liverpool Yacht Club and Tranmere Sailing Club enter two enterprises, that need to sail around the lake at Southport for 24 hours. For each boat that we enter, we heed a team of members so that there is support staff, as well as people to sail the craft in shifts of one to two hours.

The purpose of the two craft is very different.

The A Boat

This is the team for the competitive spirit. We would advise that you come visit us at Dinghys to improve your skills, so that, we can put the best team possible forward for this craft.

The B Boat

This craft is about fun, the kids go on this boat along with the more inexperience members, although we do pair you up with an experienced member. The purpose of this boat is to have fun and to simply have a go and take part.

Recent News from Southport

Southport 2019

Video coming soon about the social side of the race

Southport 2017

Lots of fun was had by the B boat even though they were last

Southport 2016

Members from Liverpool Yacht club joined in on the 50th WLYC 24hr race. The club entered two boats, the A boat was for the more serious while the B team consisted of people who were new to sailing, or at least new to dinghys but it allowed members the opportunity to get out on the water and have a go, In fact for two of the people who were in the B team, it was just their second time out on the water. However they had a go and went away with some great memories of their time.

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