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Venture Racing

Venture Racing

Venture racing with LYC TSC is an alternative form of racing to that for which the club has become well known.

The popular IRC racing programme could be said to cater for those with a more gladiatorial attitude to racing, often with more urgent starts.

Venture racing is designed to appeal to those with a more old-fashioned, gentlemanly attitude a sort of get round the course, and win if you can, approach.

However, it has to be said that the desire to win is beginning to take hold, although it has not yet turned to racing fever.

We may sail some of the venture series' as non-spinnaker races, and less experienced skippers can be supported by volunteer racing crew if required.

It gives people a chance to experience racing without being terrified, and to work their boats in ways not common in the world of cruising (like battling against both wind and tide).

Though you should not take these notes too seriously, you might like to come along and join in you'll have some fun.

Please see the calendar for dates and times of venture races.

Race Officers

Each boat that takes part in Venture racing has the opportunity to run the races themselves. Skippers are advised to refer to the model courses outlined below. Please refer to these when planning your race.

Venture Courses
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