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Alan Sullivan gained some fantastic sailing experience on this two week passage from Prévéza in Greece to Port Colom in Mallorca via Italy, Sicily, Sardinia and the Beleriacs.

Area: East  Mediterranean
Boat : Zingara" Moody 34 with Stuart Thomas (Owner)
Crew: Alan Sullivan  (L.Y.C. )
Locations: Prévéza in Greece to Port Colom in Mallorca via Italy, Sicily, Sardinia and the Beleriacs.

Greece to Baleriacs - May 14 - May 29 2016
Alan met Stuart through the Cruising Association as Stuart wanted help to take his yacht from Prévéza in Ionia to Spain. Alan and Stuart had met up a couple of times to sort out itinerary and timing and Alan agreed to sail with Stuart atl the end of May.

Prévéza across the Ionion Sea to Crotone in Italy (191 nms)
They made a good passage the first day, but the wind was blowing them further North than they had planned so they motor-sailed for some of the time. By the time they reached Italy the following night it had proved to be long and wearysome passage, but with the southerly winds blowing them off their original course, they had made very good progress. Also the night sail in a strong swell made life interesting.

Le Castella in Italy
Le Castella in Italy

Crotone to Le Castella (18nms)
They set off South towards the heel of Italy but had to put in to the beautiful resort of Le Castella for repairs to the battery which was playing up. They stayed two nights, partly because there was so little Chandlery.

Le Castella to Roccella Ionica (47nms)
They had a good day sail to Roccella Ionica, which is a wonderful new marina but extremely underused. It was here that Alan realized how bad the Italian economy had become, as the only chandlery available was to purchase secondhand materials from the local scrap boatyard!

The Bubbling Straits of Messina
The Bubbling Straits of Messina

Roccella Ionica to Messina Straits and Milazzo (90nms)
They made up wonderful with a very interesting passage to the Messina Straights to Sicily. It important to get your tides and timings correct, - especially as tidal charts are still based on high water Gibraltar, 1000 miles away!

Milazzo to Capo d'Orlando (26 nms)
They were delayed in getting fuel the following day so made a short passage to Capo d'Orlando marina which is still under construction. They anchored off overnight peacefully.

Capo d'Orlando to Palermo (71nms)
There was a heavy day sailing in overcast conditions to the harbour (poor facilities) at Palermo. The town itself is vibrant and with the beautiful architecture which is well worth a visit. Palermo was having a 24 hour ‘Beatle-fest’ concert with dancing and every Beatle song being played!

Prévéza in Greece to Port Colom in Mallorca
Prévéza in Greece to Port Colom in Mallorca

Palermo to Capo Vito (36nms)
They made another day sail to Capo Vito, which is the launching point to take them across the Tyrrenian Sea from Sicily to Sardinia.

Capo Vito in Sicily into the Tŷrrhenian Sea to Sardinia (185nms)
This was a long passage with a heavy overnight watch, when the wind was not in their favour, and they were having to use the motor whenever the passage became difficult. They had to change their plans and put into Villasimius for fuel.

Villasimius to Calasetta on St Antioco (69nms)
They sailed along the southern tip of Sardinia to an island off the South West Coast, which became the launching Port for their passage towards Menorca.

Sardinia to Menorca in the Beleriacs (178nms)
This was another two-day passage with overnight watches where the wind was a little more favourable when it appeared! With 50 miles to go, we switched on the engine and headed for Mahón in Menorca.

Mahón to Port Colom on Mallorca (63nms)
They made good passage due to the favourable wind between the islands and reached Port Colom in 12 hours. It was here that Alan had to leave Zingara as he had already committing himself to sailing in the Western Isles.

He thoroughly enjoyed the journey from Italy to Mallorca, with several long overnight passages, interspersed with day sailing. The Messenia Straits lived up to expectation when we recorded 12 Kts with the flood! 1000nms recorded.


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