Sailing by Karen Hale
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Main Information

Weather Reports

Here are just a few websites that can be used to gain weather reports. When you are planning a passage or are on race control, we recommend that you use a variety of sources, rather than just the one source.

XC weather

Forcasts for Liverpool

General forcasts for passage planning

Net weather

Forcasts for Liverpool Bay

General forcast for passage planning


Out n the Mersey

General forcasts for the Irish Sea

Wind Guru

Passage planning

Met Office

Liverpool weather - Good for weather at different locations

Predict wind

This is great app for getting weather offshore

Majic seaweed

This one gives you swell reports

Wind finder

Passage planning

Squid mobile

This is an app for your phone

Ocean Navigator

Great for passage planning

Terms to search for

When looking around for weather apps there are two search terms that bring back weather reports that you might not think of

  • iGrib
  • NOAA
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